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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The 'cute collector' in me just had to share these. These amazing little creations by equally amazing designer tamer koseli are the packages of turkish delights (also known as Lokum) targeted at children to encourage them to keep these boxes as paper toys. They're not only cute, but functional and eco-friendly as well!
I love how each of them has a distinct character and how lovable they'd be on any shelf or table. Or maybe I'm a just design junkie who's too fond of paper things. I'd love to print these out and have my own little turkish friends to brighten up my work space.

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Diana Mieczan said...

How creative and adorable..The last one stole my heart..Looks so French:)
Kisses, my dear

Ps: I am hosting a beautiful pillows GIVEAWAY later today, just in time for Christmas.

Signe said...

Hihi, these are so darn CUTE!

Karina Cifuentes said...

double wammy! Love them.

Dreaming of Palm Trees

mienkintoshfairie said...

My fav is the gentleman who lost all of his clothing in a poker game! Also, the last one with the monocle.

silvana maiorano said...

funnny cute

Melmo said...

oh that is such a wonderful idea!!! I'd love to have these as well. The third one is so funny :D

Nuha Sofiyan said...

agh! so cute!!

the runaway romantique said...

diana: thank you for your sweet comment!! I love the last one too :)

signe & karina: I'm glad you both like them!

mienkintosh: lol yes! the poor guy looks so cute :)

silvana & nuha: thanks for the comments girls!

melmo: yes he's adorable!! so glad you like them :)

Xiaolu said...

These are sooo cute! Love 'em :).

Krystal said...

those are super fun!

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