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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I have so much love and respect for this talented little wildchild from Melbourne, Australia. Nirrimi Hakanson is only 17 and already a renown fashion and artistic photographer, capturing her subjects raw and always stunning. She's filled to the brim with potential and I love the simplicity and naturalness of her photos. I know for a fact that I'll be posting more of her amazing work seeing how each of her photos manage to take my breath away.

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PS: Thanks nirrimi for dropping by my post :) Please visit her amazing blog here!


Anonymous said...

You are so right..these photos are wonderful! so very original and artistic and the colouring is fantastic!

thanks for stopping by to see me..I'm now your newest follower...hope to see you time and again @

Creative Carmelina

ciao bella!

Jude said...

These colours are so beautiful - I love finding out about new photographers and these photos are stunning!

I'm your newest follower! :)

Giovanna ♥ said...

Adorable post!! ❤
Boho Market

nirrimi said...

you're so sweet! thank you so much :)

Monica Robinson said...

Gorgeous images, thank you for sharing!

Also, thanks for stopping by my blog earlier on! It is safe to say I am a follower of yours now :)

M x

Chelsea Lane said...

I love talented prodigies, they are so inspiring! awesome post, cute blog :)


the runaway romantique said...

carmelina: thanks so much for visiting me and your lovely comment! I've followed you back too :)

jude: I agree, it's so great discovering new talent! I've followed you back

giovanna: thank you for stopping by!

nirrimi: Oh my Goodness! Thanks so much for visiting me! I never in a million years would have expected the subject of my posts to be commenting! Thank YOU for your inspirational photography :) Keep up the amazing work!

monica: thank you for visiting and following :) i've followed you back as well.

chelsea: thank you for stopping by!

Signe said...

Oh wow, she takes amazing pictures, and at only 17!

Love your little spot in blogland and thanks for stopping by, that is how I found you :)


Flora said...

HI! First of all, thanks for visiting me! You have a beautiful blog and this photos are stunning, makes you wanna get lost in the woods. I can't believe she's only 17!
Well, you have a new follower!

Natalia Komis said...

Your right - these are lovely! :) Thanks for following me - I am now a follower too :P
looking forward to more posts
much love

Anonymous said...

These photos are stunning! I can't believe she's so young..that's amazing!
Thanks for stopping by my blog so I could check yours out..it's gorgeous- I'm loving it! : )


Anonymous said...

Amazing and romantic. I am always jealous of those creative youngins!

vintch said...

hi:) i am a new follower and completely in love with your lovely blog! those photographs are stunning. the way she captures the light is brilliant. looking forward to your posts:)

Flea For Fashion said...

your blog is so lovely!
and these pics are just great!
I'm following you :)


Miles Of Style said...

omg i love ur blog! thanks for commenting on mine and letting me discover urs!

i love these ethereal photo shoot u've shared here! i'll be sure to drop by more often!

p.s i hope you had a chance to enter my new giveaway here: http://onestylemile.blogspot.com/2010/11/le-mode-giveaway.html

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Bonsoir! These are some lovely pictures. Love the last one in particular!
Bonne nuit. xx

the runaway romantique said...

signe: I'm so glad you decided to drop by :) thanks for following! I've followed you back!

flora: thanks for visiting! that's very sweet of you :) I've followed you back too

natalia: thanks so much! I've followed you as well, looking forward for your posts too!

samantha: aww thanks :) I'm happy you decided to drop by!

nancy: me too sweetie, me too ;)

vintch: wow thanks! that's very sweet of you :) I'm glad to be your fellow follower!

flea for fashion: thanks for visiting and following! I've followed you back

miles of style: thanks so much for your lovely comment and visit :) I'll definitely check out your giveaway!

saskia: Bonsoir! thank you for your comment dearie. Bonne nuit à toi aussi :)

Draffin Bears said...

Beautiful photos, I especially love the first one.
Many thanks for sharing and following my blog and I look forward to visiting you again.

Happy rest of the week

Anonymous said...

I love the last photo, def. a great photographer!
Sure, I'll follow you! The least I can do since you visited my blog :]

Anonymous said...

I must agree Nirrimi is an amazing and unbelievably talented photographer, I'm so glad I've found your blog, your posts are a joy to read! xx

the runaway romantique said...

draffin's bear: thank you for your comments always :) have a great week too!

jada: thanks so much! will be visiting your blog again soon

tiff: thanks so much! that's very kind of you :) i've followed you as well

The Clip Cafe said...

Wow! She is great. Thanks for the link to her blog.

ching said...

OMG! finally someone who share my love and respect for Nirrimi. i am such a fan of her ever since I landed on her blog. she's so young and has done so much.. i like the stories she shares too. she has a dreamy way of telling her stories. i like how she travels a lot and takes pictures of her friends in the most surreal settings.

Sarah said...

love the pictures!

Jamie said...

What an amazing photographer. Thanks for introducing me to her.

Thanks for dropping by my blog and commenting - it led me back to yours which is gorgeous! I'm now a follower.

Josie said...

These are absolutely STUNNING! I can't believe she's only 17; she has so much talent. I love the ethereal quality to these beautiful photos.
Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comment! Yours is fab; I can't wait for more!
xo Josie

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

I love that last pic!

Thanks for visiting my blog :)

the runaway romantique said...

The Clip Cafe: Thanks for visiting :)

Ching: I'm so glad you love her too! Her work is fascinating and I love her writing too :)

Jamie: I'm glad you liked my post! And thank you for following, I've followed you back as well!

Josie: Wow thanks so much for your lovely comment :) I'm so happy you stopped by and hope to see you around again

Leeann: Thanks for visiting mine :)

rachel! said...

yess. i love nirrimi! <3

Inez said...

I love her style, and photografics

Becca said...

I just love photographs like this- gorgeous and raw and so, so beautiful!
thanks for posting :)

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

beautiful images!!!

Kimia Kline said...

gorgeous images and color!

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