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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Aren't these photos absolutely sublime? Here's some inspirational exterior decor ideas from the talented  London stylist Miranda Watchorn. I love how she adds such bright colors and accessories that would provide such an extra spark to a garden-themed party. Her eye to detail is stunning and I love her choice of color palette. This setting would be perfect for a engagement party, a family reunion, or simply a fancy, whole day picnic with friends and loved ones. Oh, and who can say no to peonies?


Just Cake Girl said...

This looks so romantic and inviting :) I love the pictures! :) Kisses ;)

♥ Miss Tea said...

gorgeous photos, love the colors and beautiful outdoor decor! so lovely! thanks for following me, i've followed you back :)

Miss Kait said...

So inspirational!

The Many Colours of Happiness said...

Wow!! These look so amazing, I would kill to go to something like that!

Fay said...

ohhhhhhhhh the picnic in the buttercups is so beautiful wich I was ther fay xx

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