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Sunday, April 24, 2011

How is your Easter going? We spent a lovely Easter with family, an adorable french wedding on Saturday followed by a large family luncheon today. Everything has made me a little bit nostalgic, especially when thinking of how I used to celebrate Easter as a child. I remember absolutely loving the Easter egg hunts, decorating eggs or Easter carnivals, and of course, all the yummy candy and chocolates. 

I still have my filling of chocolates this year, but I would love to organize an Easter egg hunt next year, even if it's just us adults. I think it would be a lovely way to let everyone go back to being kids again, if only for a day. Plus, since there's such a thing as alcohol-flavored chocolates, it might be quite a success after all. Happy Easter everyone ♥!
I hope you woke up to these this morning
And had a generous serving of these
Or baked a batch of these
With something beautiful to end your Easter day
And not forgetting our beloved mascots

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Fay said...

oh the baby bunny is so sweet having a restful weekend after my trip to england and wales glad youve had a great time too fay x

Signe said...

Such sweet Easter inspiration :)

Ruzu said...

happy easter day :D
what a lovely collection of photos!! awww the last is so cuteee!

erin said...

such pretty pictures!! i hope you had a good easter!

Elaine said...

I WISH I woke up to those!!

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