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Sunday, October 3, 2010

The runaway romantique is a novice Parisian, but her heart belongs to the world. She is a dreamer and a believer. She doesn't run away from fear or disappointment, rather she runs to feel the freedom of the wind in her hair and the grass at her feet. She runs because there's too much in the world to love, explore and experience, and not setting herself free would suffocate her. She runs to breathe in new air, fall in love with life over and over again and see beauty that will be painted forever in her dreams. She runs, but she also always knows where her home is.

I've decided to make this place my personal stowaway of inspiration, ideas, beautiful imagery and an outlet for the imagination. If you've decided to join me for the ride, don't hesitate to drop a hello every now and then. Every treasure in the world would mean nothing if we had no one to share it with. ♥


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Tali Schiffer said...

Looks like a great blog! I'll be following :)

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